Our Mission

The Mission of the Drowned Lands Historical Society is to preserve and educate the public about the cultural and natural heritage of the hamlets of Pine Island, Little York, and the surrounding Black Dirt Region. Towards this end we will collect and preserve artifacts and documents; establish educational exhibits, programs, and publications; secure funding for the perpetuation of our collections and programs; and engage the community’s participation in the preservation of this legacy.


One Response to Our Mission

  1. Paul A. Rubin says:

    Hi John,

    David Luft gave me the name of the Drowned Lands Historical Society from which I found your name on the web. David mentioned that many years ago he found a number of projectile points in Warwick in the uplands above Blooms Corners Road that he had given to Jack Webster, who I understand is no longer with us. David thought that the points he had given to Jack might have been donated to your historical society or possibly the Warwick Historical Society. Are these points in a collection that you have and, if so, have they been classified according to Ritchie’s 1971 Typology and Nomenclature for New York Projectile Points? Also, if you have them, do you have pictures of the collection. Thank you for letting me know.

    I’m sorry that I missed the demonstration I see listed on your web site in July 2010. I would love to see the Moose Elk skeleton and the arrowhead collection. In my younger days, I had the great fortune to work with other members of the Orange County Archaeological Society in excavating the Sugarloaf Mastodon. Paul Rubin (Geologist and former Archaeologist)

    PS: I originally sent the message above to the e-mail address of John Ruszkiewicz and received an e-mail failure notice. Will you please acknowledge that you have received this e-mail. Thank you.

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