In January 2009, with expert guidance and involvement from Sue Gardner, Historian for the Town of Warwick, the Drowned Lands Historical Society received a copy of our charter from the New York State Education Department. It’s official, we are now an incorporated historical society.

Members of the Board of Trustees elected at the annual meeting in November 2008 are:

Executive Board
President: John Ruszkiewicz
Vice President: Bill Grohoski
Treasurer: Bob Sodrick
Recording Secretary: Sue Wilk
Corresponding Secretary: Cheetah Hayson DaParma

Ann Brozdowski, Barbara Morgiewicz, Tracey Pietrzak, Peter Lyons Hall


One Response to About

  1. James Hinchliffe says:

    Dear John Ruszkiewicz,
    Lately, I have been researching some info about my ancestors that operated a granite quarry in your area. I was hoping you might have some additional facts about the quarries. Our family name is Hinchliffe, originally from Paterson, NJ. It’s my understanding that they operated a quarry on Pochuck Mt., and, at Mount Eve. There is also reference to an operation at Goshen,NY. I will attach a file that I have been assembling some random facts in. I read something on your website about an exhibit you put together that included a piece of pink granite that may have come from one of the two pochuck mt. quarries. I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a chunk of granite from this era. My grandfathers company was called, The Empire State Granite Co. I don’t know how accurate the info, I have is, so I was hoping you might be able to verify some of it. Also I have been trying to find some photos of the quarries, or info related to the Mountain boarding house that some of the workers stayed at. Anything new would be of great interest. Feel free to use the file info I’ve included in any way useful.
    The files I’ve attached were created using a program called Open Office. This program is free on the web if you need it, to view these files. My e-mail is jhinchliffe@roadrunner.com Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.
    Sincerely, Jim Hinchliffe
    This was my orginal e-mail sent to jonion@msn.com that was returned. If you provide me wiht an e-mail address, I will send you the original attachment file.

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